Author: Craig D. Allen, Founder & President

The days of employers taking their employees for granted are over!

Employers will learn (the hard way) that employees are driving the bus. For the first time in decades, employees are no longer at the mercy of employers that have enjoyed substantial leverage over their employers, such that they can force employees to take on additional responsibilities without compensation. One examples is where companies hire several […]

Employers Who Force Workers Back to the Office Will Regret Their Actions

For the past 16 months, millions of employees have been working remotely. With the stock market at all-time highs, and economic activity, including employment gains, GDP growth, and virtually every other metric one could think of, improving at a rapid pace, there can be no argument that these employees are not every bit as productive, […]

Rising Interest Rates Are a Serious Concern

The recent jump in the 10-year treasury rate is concerning for several reasons. First, it is an indication that demand for U.S. debt is weakening. This makes sense because we keep selling trillions of dollars of new, additional debt to fund the massive, repeated rounds of stimulus. Since the U.S. government does not have the […]